Spanish NCEA Level 3



This is a University Entrance “approved subject"


Students should have completed Spanish Level 2 or similar. Students who have not completed Spanish Level 2 must apply to the Head of Faculty to be accepted into the course. This course will be taught as a combined class with Spanish Level 2.

Course Description:

The course consists of three internal standards (including one optional standard) covering speaking and writing, and two external examinations covering listening and reading. The content of the course is set in the context of exploring and challenging ideas and opinions and supporting one’s own perspectives.

Achievement Standards:

391568Demonstrate understanding of a variety of extended spoken Spanish texts.5ExternalCompulsory
391571Demonstrate understanding of a variety of extended written and/or visual Spanish texts.5ExternalCompulsory
391569Give a clear spoken presentation in Spanish that communicates a critical response to stimulus material.3InternalCompulsory
391570Interact clearly using spoken Spanish to explore and justify varied ideas and perspectives in different situations.6InternalOptional
391572Write a variety of texts types in clear Spanish to explore and justify varied ideas and perspectives.5InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: