Music NCEA Level 3



This is an ‘approved subject’ for University Entrance. Standards marked (R) may be counted towards the Reading credits for Literacy.


Students taking this course should have at least four years of experience playing a musical instrument or singing. Confident knowledge of music theory is essential to begin this course. Students taking this course will be expected to have individual or small group tuition on their chosen instrument. This is available through the itinerant music programme if needed. Note: Students complete Making Music either 3.1 or 3.4 but may complete both with approval from the HOD Music Curriculum.

Course Description:

The content of the course will depend upon the strengths and interests of each individual student. Students will consult with their teacher to decide on the most appropriate combination of standards. Note: Students who completed Level 3 standards in Year 12 have the option of completing further Level 3 standards in Year 13. Students who would like to work toward Music Scholarship have the option of completing Level 3 standards as well. The work done for Level 3 can be used in the Scholarship portfolio. Alternatively, students may choose to focus solely on the Scholarship preparation. Scholarship candidates must meet with HOD Curriculum Music to gain approval, but do not need to have previously been enrolled in a music class. Student have a choice of 6 Optional Internal assessments


  • Performance (Solo & Group)
  • Composition
  • Investigation of Music works
  • Arranging
  • Research
  • Music Sequencing

Achievement Standards:

391421Music Studies 3.6 - Demonstrate understanding of harmonic and tonal conventions in arrange of music scores.4ExternalCompulsory
391423(R/W)Music Studies 3.8 - Examine the influence of context on a substantial music work4ExternalCompulsory
391416Making Music 3.1 - Perform two programmes of music as a featured soloist.8InternalOptional
391417Making Music 3.2 - Perform a programme of music as a featured soloist on a second instrument4InternalOptional
391418Making Music 3.3 - Demonstrate ensemble skills by performing two substantial pieces of music as a member of a group4InternalOptional
391419Making Music 3.4 - Communicate musical intention by composing three original pieces of music8InternalOptional
391422(R)Music studies 3.7 - Analyse a substantial music work4InternalOptional
391424Music Studies 3.9 - Create two arrangements for an ensemble4InternalOptional
391425(R)Music Studies 3.10- Research a music topic6InternalCompulsory
391849Compose three original songs that express imaginative thinking.8InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: