Mathematics (Calculus) NCEA Level 3



This is an ‘approved subject’ for University Entrance. Standards marked (N) may be used towards meeting the Level 1 Numeracy requirements.


It is essential that students attempting this course have achieved well in Mathematics NCEA Level 2, particularly algebra, graphs and calculus. The 12MAT course is a pre-requisite for students to proceed to 13MCA. At least 14 credits from 12MAT including Achieved in algebra and Achieved in calculus standards. Students who have only 12 or 13 credits in 12MAT should consult with the Faculty Head about their likelihood of successful progress.

Course Description:

This course is designed to meet the needs of students intending to study the physical sciences and engineering. It will develop significant analytical and problem solving skills helpful for many other disciplines too. Content will include differential and integral calculus, including the modelling of differential equations. Complex numbers, trigonometry and the geometry of conic sections are covered in depth.

Achievement Standards:

391577(N)Mathematics and Statistics 3.5 - Apply the algebra of complex numbers in solving problems5ExternalCompulsory
391578(N)Mathematics and Statistics 3.6 - Apply differentiation methods in solving problems6ExternalCompulsory
391579(N)Mathematics and Statistics 3.7 - Apply integration methods in solving problems6ExternalCompulsory
391573(N)Mathematics and Statistics 3.1 Apply the geometry of conic sections in solving problems3InternalCompulsory
391575(N)Mathematics and Statistics 3.3 - Apply trigonometric methods in solving problems4InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: