Mathematics (General)NCEA Level 3



This is an ‘approved subject’ for University Entrance. Standards marked (N) may be used towards meeting the Level 1 Numeracy requirements.


Students should have successfully studied Mathematics NCEA Level 2. Students should have 14 credits, including the Algebra standard, in 12MAT. Students should also have 14 credits in Level 2 English (12ENG, 12ENL,or 12ESL) as good reading and writing skills are required. Students with fewer credits or who have not achieved the NCEA Level 2 Algebra standard should consult with the Faculty Head about their likelihood of successful progress.

Course Description:

This course is designed to provide statistical and general mathematical skills. Statistical content includes analysis of bivariate data and formulating a formal inference and associated statistical methods. The ability to communicate findings in the form of a written report is important. Probability and probability models are a significant part of the course. The mathematics topics involve problem solving with systems of equations, networks and linear programming. An approved graphics calculator is required for this course.

Achievement Standards:

391585(N)Mathematics and Statistics 3.13 - Apply probability concepts in solving problems4ExternalCompulsory
391586(N)Mathematics and Statistics 3.14 - Apply probability distributions in solving problems4ExternalCompulsory
391574(N)Apply linear programming methods in solving problems3InternalCompulsory
391576(N)Use critical path analysis in solving problems2InternalCompulsory
391581(N)Mathematics and Statistics 3.9 - Investigate bivariate measurement data4InternalCompulsory
391582(N)Mathematics and Statistics 3.10 - Use statistical methods to make a formal inference4InternalCompulsory
391587(N)Mathematics and Statistics 3.15 - Apply systems of simultaneous equations in solving problems3InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: