Geography NCEA Level 3



This is an ‘approved subject’ for University Entrance. Standards marked (R) may be counted towards the Reading credits for Literacy. Standards marked (R/W) may be counted towards either (but not both) Reading or Writing credits for Literacy. Standards marked (N) may be used towards meeting the Level 1 Numeracy requirements.


Successful completion of 12GEO: NCEA Level 2 Geography. Or NCEA: 14 Credits in each of 3 x Level 2 Achievement Standard subjects or CAIE: C Grades in 3 x AS subjects.

Course Description:

Internal Standards: Students will investigate the spatial and temporal patterns of El Nino, the global impacts and significance of human trafficking and they will undertake a research project focusing on the Muriwai Coastal Environment. External Standards: Students will study the interaction of natural processes at Muriwai, tourism development in Rotorua and apply Geography concepts and skills in an examination setting.

Achievement Standards:

391426(R/W)Geography 3.1 - Demonstrate understanding of how interacting natural processes shape a New Zealand geographic environment4ExternalCompulsory
391427(R/W)Geography 3.2 - Demonstrate understanding of how a cultural process shapes geographic environment(s)4ExternalCompulsory
391429(R/W)Geography 3.4 - Demonstrate understanding of a given environment(s) through selection and application of geographic concepts and skills4ExternalCompulsory
391430(N)Geography 3.5 - Conduct geographic research with consultation5InternalCompulsory
391431(R)Geography 3.6 Analyse aspects of a contemporary geographic issue3InternalCompulsory
391432(R)Geography 3.7 - Analyse aspects of a geographic topic at a global scale3InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: