English NCEA Level 3



This is an ‘approved subject’ for University Entrance. The NCEA Level 2 English standards listed below marked (R) count as Reading credits and the standards marked (W) as Writing credits towards University Entrance Literacy. Standards marked (R/W) count as either Reading or Writing credits (but not both). A minimum of 5 Reading and 5 Writing credits are required to achieve UE Literacy. Credits may also be gained from approved standards offered in a range of other subjects as well as English. Students applying to the University of Auckland also require at least 17 credits in English at NCEA Level 2 or 3.


English is NOT a compulsory subject at this level but many tertiary courses require it, or another ‘writing’ subject, for entry. NCEA Level 3 English is a significant step up from NCEA Level 2 so only students who did well in Year 12 should consider it. Students who achieved fewer than 12 Level 2 English credits must get permission to enrol for the course from the Head of English. There is no 13ENL course.

Course Description:

The 13ENG course aims to build on the skills developed in the NCEA Level 2 English course, including response to written and visual texts, formal and creative writing, close viewing and speech. Students will be assessed in a range of internally and externally assessed Achievement Standards.

Achievement Standards:

391472(R/W)English 3.1 - Respond critically to specified aspect(s) of studied written text(s), supported by evidence4ExternalCompulsory
391473(W)English 3.2 - Respond critically to specified aspect(s) of studied visual or oral text(s), supported by evidence4ExternalCompulsory
391475(W)English 3.4 - Produce a selection of fluent and coherent writing which develops, sustains and structures ideas6InternalCompulsory
391476English 3.5 - Produce a fluent and coherent oral text that develops, sustains and structures ideas3InternalCompulsory
391478English 3.7 - Respond critically to significant connections across texts, supported by evidence4InternalCompulsory
391480English 3.9 - Respond critically to significant aspects of visual and/or oral text(s) through close reading, supported by evidence3InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: