Design & Visual Communication NCEA Level 3



This is an 'approved subject' for University Entrance.


Students must have completed Design & Visual Communication NCEA Level 2 (achieving at least 15 credits) or have permission from the Faculty Head.

Course Description:

Design and Visual Communication at Level 3 extends the knowledge and skills established in Levels 1 and 2, applying these to more individualised design contexts from the product and spatial design fields. At this level, design thinking is required to be more developed. The ability to be creative and holistic problem solvers, to integrate both form and function and to critique the current situation and proposed ideas is paramount to being a proficient designer. Communication of ideas and thinking needs to be demonstrated through advanced presentation techniques. Those wishing to apply for further study at tertiary level will be able to prepare a portfolio supporting their application for courses such as advertising, architecture, graphics, interior design, digital design (computer based graphics) and other relevant design fields. Assessments are based on student’s design folios throughout the course, there are no external examinations Students make a choice between three options: OPTION A: 91631, 91628, 91627 + either 91629 or 91630 (Total 22 credits) OPTION B: 91631, 91628, 91629, 91630 (Total 24 credits)

Achievement Standards:

391627Design and Visual Communication 3.30 - Initiate design ideas through exploration4ExternalCompulsory
391631Design and Visual Communication 3.34 - Produce working drawings to communicate production details for a complex design6ExternalCompulsory
391628Design and Visual Communication 3.31 - Develop a visual presentation that exhibits a design outcome to an audience6InternalCompulsory
391629Design and Visual Communication 3.32 - Resolve a spatial design through graphics practice6InternalOptional
391630Design and Visual Communication 3.33 - Resolve a product design through graphics practice6InternalOptional

Assessment Summary: