Digital Technologies (Media) NCEA Level 3



This is an approved university subject. This course can lead to tertiary studies and careers in such areas as graphic, game and web design development, computer graphics and animation, computer programming, software engineering and I.T.


To have completed NCEA Level 2 Digital Technologies or Or NCEA: 14 Credits in 3 Level 2 UE Approved Subjects or CAIE: C Grades in 3 AS Level subjects UE Approved Subjects

Course Description:

This course is academically challenging, extending students critical, problem-solving and creative thinking skills to independently investigate and create an authentic solution for a mobile app in response to their own inquiry focus. Using complex project management tools and techniques, students will be expected to apply a refined, iterative development process to plan, design, develop/test and create a quality, fit-for-purpose mobile app that meets end user requirements. They will acquire and implement complex tools and techniques within a range of software and coding languages to construct a mobile app that integrates media types and incorporates original content. Topics Covered: • Inquiry focus • Project management tools and techniques • Mobile app design • Mobile app development • Reflective analysis on mobile app development

Achievement Standards:

391900Conduct a critical inquiry to propose a digital technologies outcome6InternalCompulsory
391901Apply user experience methodologies to develop a design for a digital technologies outcome3InternalCompulsory
391903Use complex techniques to develop a digital media outcome3InternalCompulsory
391903Use complex techniques to develop a digital media outcome4InternalCompulsory
391907Use complex processes to develop a digital technologies outcome3InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: