Classical Studies NCEA Level 3



This is an 'approved subject' for University Entrance. Standards marked (R) may be counted towards the Reading credits for Literacy. Standards marked (R/W) may be counted towards either (but not both) the Reading or the Writing credits for Literacy.


A background in History, Geography and/or English may assist students. NCEA: 14 Credits in each of 3 x Level 2 Achievement Standard subjects. Or CAIE: C Grades or better in 3 x AS subjects.

Course Description:

A course of Greek and Roman history, literature, art history and philosophy. The course has an emphasis on 5th Century Greece and Imperial Rome.

Achievement Standards:

391394(R/W)Classical Studies 3.1 - Analyse ideas and values of the classical world4ExternalCompulsory
391396(R/W)Classical Studies 3.3 - Analyse the impact of a significant historical figure on the classical world6ExternalCompulsory
391397(R)Classical Studies 3.4 - Demonstrate understanding of significant ideology(ies) in the classical world6InternalCompulsory
391398(R)Classical Studies 3.5 - Demonstrate understanding of the lasting influences of the classical world on other cultures across time6InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: