Chemistry NCEA Level 3



This is an 'approved subject' for University Entrance. Standards marked (R/W) may be counted towards either(but notboth) the Reading or the Writing credits for Literacy. Standards marked (N) may be used towards meeting the Level 1 Numeracy requirements.


NCEA Level 3 requires skills and knowledge from Chemistry NCEA Level 2 or Chemistry AS. Students will have gained over 12 credits in Chemistry NCEA Level 2 or a grade D or better from the Chemistry AS course or else they will need to consult with the Faculty Head about their likelihood of success.

Course Description:

Achievement Standards:

391390Chemistry 3.4 - Demonstrate understanding of thermochemical principles and the properties of particles and substances5ExternalCompulsory
391391Chemistry 3.5 - Demonstrate understanding of the properties of organic compounds5ExternalCompulsory
391392(N)Chemistry 3.6 - Demonstrate understanding of equilibrium principles in aqueous systems5ExternalCompulsory
391388Chemistry 3.2 - Demonstrate understanding of spectroscopic data in chemistry3InternalCompulsory
391389(R/W)Chemistry 3.3 - Demonstrate understanding of chemical processes in the world around us3InternalCompulsory
391393Chemistry 3.7 - Demonstrate understanding of oxidation-reduction processes3InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: