Robotics And Product Design NCEA Level 2



This subject leads to an approved UE course of study.


To have completed NCEA Level 1 Technology, Design & Visual Communication or IGCSE Computer Programming or have permission from the Head of Faculty.

Course Description:

Robotics & Product Design Level 2 will give students the opportunity to further extend their learning at advance level in building, programming and testing their solution based real-life robotics technology. Students will explore coding textual language such as Arduino to control the sensors and other hardware system. They will also explore into creating electronic circuits and do advanced level software to hardware interface. Their learning in robotics and product design will be engaged and energised through overlapping elements of Computer Science, Mathematics and Engineering. Some project examples are weather stations and smart bot.

Achievement Standards:

291358Demonstrate understanding of how technological modelling supports risk management4ExternalCompulsory
291344Implement advanced procedures using resistant materials to make a specified product with special features.6InternalCompulsory
291349Demonstrate understanding of advanced concepts related to machines3InternalCompulsory
291357Undertake effective development to make and trial a prototype6InternalCompulsory
291373Construct an advanced computer program for a specified task3InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: