Music NCEA Level 2



This subject leads to an approved UE course of study.


Students taking this course should have at least three years experience playing a musical instrument or singing. Confident knowledge of music theory is helpful but not essential to begin this course. Students taking this course will be expected to have individual or small group tuition on their chosen instrument. This is available through the itinerant music programme if needed. Note: Students who did not complete NCEA Level 1 Music may still take this course if they meet the above requirements. Note: Students who did not complete NCEA Level 1 Music may still take this course if they meet the above requirements.

Course Description:

The course develops a wide range of musical skill and knowledge. There are opportunities for creative musicianship through composition and performance. The musical knowledge component challenges students to analyse a variety of musical works and utilise advanced music theory skills. Note: Students complete Making Music either 2.1 or 2.4 but may complete both with approval from the HOD Music Curriculum. Students have a choice of 7 Optional Internal assessments


  • Aural and Score-Reading
  • Composition
  • Musical Knowledge
  • Performance

Achievement Standards:

291276Music Studies 2.6 - Demonstrate knowledge of conventions in a range of music scores4ExternalCompulsory
291277(W)Music Studies 2.7 - Demonstrate understanding of two substantial contrasting music works6ExternalCompulsory
227657Demonstrate knowledge of the development and usage of music technology equipment and techniques4InternalOptional
227658Demonstrate and apply knowledge of electronic music production and music notation4InternalOptional
291270Making Music 2.1 - Perform two substantial pieces of music as a featured soloist6InternalOptional
291271Making Music 2.4 - Compose two substantial pieces of music6InternalOptional
291272Making Music 2.3 - Demonstrate ensemble skills by performing a substantial piece of music as a member of a group4InternalOptional
291273Music Studies 2.8 - Devise an instrumentation for an ensemble4InternalOptional
291274Making Music 2.2 - Perform a substantial piece of music as a featured soloist on a second instrument3InternalOptional
291278Music Studies 2.9 - Investigate an aspect of New Zealand music4InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: