Mathematics NCEA Level 2



Standards marked with (R) may be counted towards the Reading credits for Literacy. Standards marked with (N) may be used towards meeting the level 1 Numeracy requirement.


Mathematics NCEA Level 2 requires skills and knowledge from studying Mathematics NCEA Level 1 and at least 14 full credits from Mathematics NCEA Level 1 Achievement Standards. Students who have fewer than 14 credits gained from Mathematics NCEA Level 1 Achievement Standards, should consult with the Faculty Head about their likelihood of successful progress.

Course Description:

This is a terminating course and it is NOT designed to prepare students for Year 13 Mathematics. Students intending to progress to Mathematics (Calculus) or Mathematics (General) NCEA Level 3 MUST take 12MAT.

Achievement Standards:

291267(N)Mathematics and Statistics 2.12 - Apply probability methods in solving problems4ExternalCompulsory
291259(N)Mathematics and Statistics 2.4 - Apply trigonometric relationships in solving problems3InternalCompulsory
291264(N)Mathematics and Statistics 2.9 - Use statistical methods to make an inference4InternalCompulsory
291265(N)Mathematics and Statistics 2.10 - Conduct an experiment to investigate a situation using statistical methods3InternalCompulsory
291266(N+R)Mathematics and Statistics 2.11 - Evaluate a statistically based report2InternalCompulsory
291268(N)Mathematics and Statistics 2.13 - Investigate a situation involving elements of chance using a simulation2InternalCompulsory
291269(N)Mathematics and Statistics 2.14 - Apply systems of equations in solving problems2InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: