Te Reo Maori NCEA level 2



This subject leads to an approved UE course of study.


Students must have completed Year 10 and 11 te reo Maori. Students who have other background in the language must consult with the HOF or Teacher in Charge of Te Reo Maori.

Course Description:

At NCEA Level 2, students build on the knowledge that they have gained of the language in the level 1 course or from prior learning in other Maori environments. By the end of the year they should be confident conversing in Te Reo and should also be proficient communicating and interacting in each of the key competencies of reading, listening and writing. This course aims to fulfil the objectives of Level 7 of the Maori Curriculum (Te Aho Arataki Marau, 2009) through the communicative approach.


  • Rongoa Maori
    • Traditional Maori treatment
  • Maori Language Renaissance
    • Revitalisation of te reo Maori
  • Tikanga me nga kawa o te ao Maori
    • Practices and customs of the Maori world
  • Maori Leadership
    • Famous Maori leaders

Achievement Standards:

291286(R)Te Reo Maori 2.3 - Panui kia mohio ki te reo o te ao torotoro6ExternalCompulsory
291287(W)Te Reo Maori 2.4 - Tuhi i te reo o te ao torotoro6ExternalCompulsory
291285Te Reo Maori 2.2 - Korero kia whakamahi i te reo o te ao torotoro6InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary:



Standards marked (R) may be counted towards the Reading credits for Literacy. Standards marked (W) may be counted towards the Writing credits for Literacy.