History NCEA Level 2



This subject leads to an approved UE course of study. Standards marked R may be used towards the Reading creidt for Literacy. Standards marked (R/W) may be counted towards either (but not both) the Reading or the Writing credits for Literacy.


Successful completion of Year 11 History: 11HIS or 11HIC Or CIE: 2 x B grades and 3 x C grades in 5 x IGCSE subjects. Or NCEA: 12 credits in each of 3 x Level 1 Achievement Standard subjects

Course Description:

The course of study this year is entitled Revolution, Rights and Rivalries (political and social change and nationalism) and looks at some of the major historical events of the 20th century. We will study the Origins of World War I and look at what impact war had on New Zealand society. We will also study the Vietnam war and then look at New Zealand involvement in Vietnam. The Russian Revolution and Black Civil Rights in the USA are also studied. The topics being studied will be: • Revolution (political change) = Russian Revolution • Rights (social change) = Black Civil Rights • Rivalries (nationalism) = Origins of World War I • Revolution/Rivalries (political change and nationalism) = Vietnam

Achievement Standards:

291233(R/W)History 2.5 - Examine causes and consequences of a significant historical event5ExternalCompulsory
291234(R/W)History 2.6 - Examine how a significant historical event affected New Zealand society5ExternalCompulsory
291229(R)History 2.1 - Carry out an inquiry of an historical event or place that is of significance to New Zealanders4InternalCompulsory
291230(R)History 2.2 - Examine an historical event or place that is of significance to New Zealanders5InternalCompulsory
291232(R)History 2.4 - Interpret different perspectives of people in an historical event that is of significance to New Zealanders5InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: