Economics NCEA Level 2



This subject leads to an approved UE course of study. Standards marked (R) may be counted towards the Reading credits for Literacy. Standards marked (W) may be counted towards the Writing credits for Literacy.


NCEA: 12 credits in each of 3 x Level 1 Achievement Standard subjects CAIE: 2 x B grades and 3 x C grades in 5 x IGCSE subjects

Course Description:

The course begins with an introduction to key economic concepts and models before discussing major economic issues within the context of both the New Zealand and global economies. The course aims to give students a useful insight into the issues listed below that affect the people of New Zealand. These issues result from the interaction of market forces in various market situations. This course contributes 22 CREDITS towards the Level 2 National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA). The course is divided into FIVE Achievement Standards for assessment purposes.


  • Inflation
  • Unemployment
  • International Trade
  • Economic Growth
  • Govenrment Policies

Achievement Standards:

291222(W)Economics 2.1 - Analyse inflation using economic concepts and models4ExternalCompulsory
291223(W)Economics 2.2 - Analyse international trade using economic concepts and models4ExternalCompulsory
291224(W)Economics 2.3 - Analyse economic growth using economic concepts and models4ExternalCompulsory
291225(R)Economics 2.4 - Analyse unemployment using economic concepts and models4InternalCompulsory
291227(R)Economics 2.6 - Analyse how government policies and contemporary economic issues interact6InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: