Early Childhood Education



This course leads to MIT Certificate of Achievement in Early Childhood Education Level 3 - 13ECE.


This subject is open entry. This is not an approved university approved subject.

Course Description:

This certificate is designed for Year 12 students and gives them a solid introduction to early childhood education settings, where they’ll learn practical skills to nurture, develop and care for young children. This course will prepare students to advance on to higher level early childhood education programmes.

Unit Standards:

229852Demonstrate knowledge of the basic needs and nutrition that support young children's holistic wellbeing and development4InternalCompulsory
229853Demonstrate knowledge of health issues and services available to protect and enhance the wellbeing of young children3InternalCompulsory
229854Describe personal and environmental hygiene and safety practices for the care of young children2InternalCompulsory
229855Describe attachment relationships and strategies used to support transitions for young children3InternalCompulsory
229856Describe and demonstrate care practices for infants and toddlers2InternalCompulsory
229859Describe values and beliefs that inform own personal approach to the learning and care of young children4InternalCompulsory
229861Identify and describe agencies/services available in the community to support young children and families3InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: