Design & Visual Communication NCEA Level 2



This subject leads to an approved University Entrance course of study.


Students must have completed Design and Visual Communication NCEA Level 1 (achieving at least 15 credits) or Design & Technology (Graphic Design) IGCSE or have permission from the Faculty Head.

Course Description:

Design and Visual Communication reflects the latest developments in spatial and product design and was previously known as Graphics. This subject involves establishing core design and drawing knowledge and techniques, with a particular focus on three-dimensional design. Students will develop their skills in exploring and refining design ideas in response to a brief, using creative strategies and visual techniques to aid design thinking. The use of visual communication techniques (freehand sketching, instrumental drawing, physical and digital modelling) and presentation principles are integral for effective designing. The design work that they produce throughout the course can be used in a portfolio to support applications for courses such as advertising, architecture, graphics, interior design, digital design (computer based graphics) and other relevant design fields. Assessments are based on student’s design folios throughout the course, there are no external examinations.

Achievement Standards:

291337Design and Visual Communication 2.30 - Use visual communication techniques to generate design ideas3ExternalCompulsory
291338Design and Visual Communication 2.31 - Produce working drawings to communicate technical details of a design4ExternalCompulsory
291340Use the characteristics of a design movement or era to inform own design ideas3InternalCompulsory
291341Design and Visual Communication 2.34 - Develop a spatial design through graphics practice6InternalCompulsory
291342Design and Visual Communication 2.35 - Develop a product design through graphics practice6InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: