Digital Technologies (Media) NCEA Level 2



This subject leads to an approved UE course of study.


To have completed NCEA Level 1 Digital Technology or IGCSE Computer Science or have permission from the Teacher in Charge. CIE: 2 x B grades and 3 x C grades in 5 ‘University Approved Subjects’. NCEA: 12 Level 1 Credits in 3 ‘University Approved Subjects.’

Course Description:

This course aims to extend student’s knowledge of our digitally driven world, building on skills and knowledge gained at Level 1. They will design and develop a functioning web game in response to an inquiry focus they choose themselves. Students will use project management tools and techniques to plan the development of their web game. They will learn and implement advanced tools and techniques in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for game graphics and HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript for game development. Students will use the information gained from testing to improve the quality of their web game and apply evaluative processes to ensure their outcome meets the purpose and end user requirements. Topics Covered: • Inquiry focus • Project management tools and techniques • Game design • Game graphics • Game development • Summary presentation on development of game

Achievement Standards:

291899Present a summary of developing a digital outcome3ExternalCompulsory
291890Conduct an inquiry to propose a digital technologies outcome6InternalCompulsory
291891Apply conventions to develop a design for a digital technologies outcome3InternalCompulsory
291893Use advanced techniques to develop a digital media outcome4InternalCompulsory
291897Use advanced processes to develop a digital technologies outcome6InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: