Mathematics (Numeracy) NCEA Level 1



NCEA students must gain a minimum of 10 credits from Achievement Standards (marked 'N') to satisfy the numeracy requirements for University Entrance. Gaining all 10 credits from the 3 numeracy Unit Standards will also satisfy the numeracy requirements. Unit Standards cannot be combined with Achievement Standards to make the total 10 credits required.


Suitable for students who have 20 – 30% in the Year 10 Mathematics End of Year Examination. Those who have between 30 - 40% will need to seek advice from their mathematics teacher as to the most appropriate Year 11 Mathematics course for them and gain approval from the Faculty Head.

Course Description:

This course has as its main purpose students gaining Numeracy credits for NCEA Level 1 and University Entrance. It is NOT suitable for students wishing to progress to NCEA Level 2 or Mathematics AS in Year 12. The students in this course will be taught a cohesive and coherent mathematics syllabus. During the year they will sit the following internal achievement standards and unit standards.

Achievement Standards:

191026(N)Mathematics and Statistics 1.1 - Apply numeric reasoning in solving problems4InternalCompulsory
191029(N)Mathematics and Statistics 1.4 - Apply linear algebra in solving problems3InternalCompulsory
191030(N)Mathematics and Statistics 1.5 - Apply measurement in solving problems3InternalCompulsory
191032(N)Mathematics and Statistics 1.7 - Apply right-angled triangles in solving measurement problems3InternalCompulsory
191036(N)Mathematics and Statistics 1.11 - Investigate bivariate numerical data using the statistical enquiry cycle3InternalCompulsory
191038(N)Mathematics and Statistics 1.13 - Investigate a situation involving elements of chance3InternalCompulsory

Unit Standards:

126623Use number to solve problems4InternalCompulsory
126626Interpret statistical information for a purpose3InternalCompulsory
126627Use measurement to solve problems3InternalCompulsory

Assessment Summary: