Mathematics MAX Course



Recommended Background:

MAX is a first semester course in university mathematics for high achieving high school students. MAX stands for Mathematical Acceleration and Extension. The programme is designed for the most mathematically able students who enjoy academic challenge, have shown themselves to be very capable at high school mathematics and can handle a solid workload. Students who are interested in this course must have completed A Level Mathematics or NCEA Level 3 Mathematics (Calculus) to a very high standard in Year 12 and must gain approval from the Mathematics Head of Faculty.

Course Description:

Students enrol in MATHS 153 - Accelerated Mathematics. MATHS 153 is a 15 point Stage 1 Mathematics course which is taught via a series of lectures at the University of Auckland on Tuesday evenings in Terms 1 and 2 and assessed at the university. Students who pass MATHS 153 will be eligible to enrol in Stage 2 Mathematics papers should they subsequently become full-time students at the University of Auckland. Note: For domestic students selected for this programme by the Mathematics Head of Faculty, fees will be paid through STAR funding after successful completion of the course.


This course is assessed by the University of Auckland. The final examination will be in mid to late June. Other assessments include assignments and a mid-semester test.