Music A2 Level (Year 2 of 2 Year course)



This subject is equivalent to a subject on the 'approved list' for University Entrance.

Recommended Background:

This is the 2nd year of a 2 year course. Students must complete the 1st year course in 12MUC in order to enrol in this course. Students taking this course will complete AS in the May/June examinations and then continue on to A Level Music. Note: Students wishing to enrol in scholarship may do so while completing A Level Music. Students may use pieces from their A Level recital performances as part of their scholarship portfolio.

Course Description:

Components 1 & 2 are carried over from the AS examination. Students then choose 2 of the remaining components (3, 4 & 5) to complete the course. PERFORMING • Students perform a 12-20 minute recital programme that explores a singular focus. This focus should be the topic of the investigation and report if component 5 is chosen in conjunction with component 3. COMPOSITION • Students compose a substantial piece of original music up to 8 minutes in length. If component 5 is chosen in conjunction with component 4, student composition should be based on the knowledge and influences of the Investigation and Report. INVESTIGATION & REPORT • Students choose a suitable topic of music to investigate that relates to their other chosen component. An academic document or similar is submitted of approximately 3,000 words.


Component 3 Performing External Compulsory Weighting: 25%
Component 4 Composing External Compulsory Weighting: 25%
Component 5 Investigation & Report External Compulsory Weighting: 25%
Components 1 & 2 c/f AS Mark (May/June) External Compulsory Weighting: 50%