Literature in English A2 Level - 9695



This subject is equivalent to a subject on the ‘approved list’ for University Entrance.

Recommended Background:

Students must have completed English (Literature) AS with Grade C or above. An A or B grade is strongly recommended.

Course Description:

A range of advanced texts will be studied, culminating in two, two hour externally assessed examinations. Assessments are in the form of academic essays in which students produce informed, critical judgments of the texts studied. This is a rigorous course of study. Students may have the opportunity to attend cultural events linked to the course content at their expense.


Paper 53 Shakespeare & Other Pre 20th Century Texts External Compulsory Weighting: 25%
Paper 63 1900 to the present External Compulsory Weighting: 25%
Papers 33 & 43 c/f AS Mark External Compulsory Weighting: 50%