Economics A2 Level - 9708



This subject is equivalent to a subject on the ‘approved list’ for University Entrance.

Recommended Background:

Students must have completed Economics AS with Grade C or above.

Course Description:

The Economics A2 course is aimed at the more able Year 13 student. The course is intended to provide a basis of factual knowledge of Economics. Students will learn the most effective ways in which economic data may be analysed, correlated, discussed and presented. This course is recommended for students intending to complete further study in the commerce area. Topics studied include:


  • Economic Efficiency
  • The Price System and The Theory of the Firm
  • Market Failure and Government Intervention
  • Theory and Measurement of the Macro-economy
  • Macro-economic Problems
  • Macro-economic Policies


Paper 33 Multiple Choice External Compulsory Weighting: 15%
Paper 43 Data Response & Essays External Compulsory Weighting: 35%
Papers 13 & 23 c/f AS Mark External Compulsory Weighting: 50%