Spanish AS Level - 8685



This subject is equivalent to a subject on the ‘approved list’ for University Entrance.

Recommended Background:

Students should have successfully completed Spanish IGCSE or similar. Students who have not completed Spanish IGCSE must apply to the Languages Faculty Head.

Course Description:

This course covers speaking, reading and writing and essay writing. All textual material used in the examination will be drawn from a wide range of topical areas with reference to countries/communities where Spanish is spoken. This course provides a sound foundation for NZQA Scholarship Spanish examinations. The five essay writing topics for examination in 2019 are:


  • The Media
  • Technological Innovation
  • Young People
  • Environment
  • Education


Component 1 Speaking External Compulsory Weighting: 29%
Component 2 Reading & Writing External Compulsory Weighting: 50%
Component 3 Essay External Compulsory Weighting: 21%