Classical Studies AS Level - 9274



This subject is equivalent to a subject on the 'approved list' for University Entrance.

Recommended Background:

This is an open entry course. A background in History, Geography and/or English may assist students.

Course Description:

A generalist course for students to experience the history, literature, philosophy and art of Greece and Rome. GREEK CIVILISATION Alexander the Great The career of Alexander the Great including his military conquests, his relations with Macedonia and Greece and his religious views. Socrates The ideas and character of Socrates as they appear in Plato’s Euthyphro, Apology, Crito and Phaedo with particular reference to the reasons for Socrates’ trial and conviction, the citizen’s duty to the state and the nature and purpose of the Socratic method. Socrates attitude to death. ROMAN CIVILISATION Virgil Virgil’s Aeneid with particular reference to Books 1, 2, 4 and 6 including the structure, plot and characters of the poem, the function of the gods and the theme of Rome’s world mission. AUGUSTUS A critical examination of the character, career and success of Emperor Augustus with reference to his rise to power, his constitutional settlements, his relationship with the Imperial household and the Senate, his attitude to religion, his social legislation and his concern for his reputation and the legacy of an Imperial Dynasty.


Paper 13 Greek Civilisation External Compulsory Weighting: 50%
Paper 23 Roman Civilisation External Compulsory Weighting: 50%