Art(Design) AS - 9479



This subject is equivalent to a subject on the ‘approved list’ for University Entrance.

Recommended Background:

Art (Design) AS requires skills and knowledge from studying Year 11 Art. Students who have fewer than 12 Credits in NCEA Level 1 Art at Merit must consult with the Faculty Head about their subject selection.. NCEA Level 1 Art (Design & Photography) gives excellent preparation for this course.

Course Description:

Art (Design) AS is a practical course upon which further study in design at A Level and tertiary levels is based. Art Design is a mode of expression and communication which is concerned with visual perception ,aesthetic and critical understanding and forms a language in addition to those used by literary, mathematical, scientific and factually based subjects. The work is studio based so that students develop their abilities of observation and analysis of the visual world, sensitivity, skills, personal expression and imagination and develop an understanding of practical solutions to design problems. The work will also be informed by research into at least one established form of graphic design. Students use a range of art media, processes and techniques including Adobe Photshop and illustration techniques during the course.


Component 1 Controlled Test Practical Internal Compulsory Weighting: 60%
Component 2 Coursework A External Compulsory Weighting: 40%

Students who successfully complete Art (Design) AS - 9479 in 2019 will be able to proceed, in 2020, to Art (Design) A Level – 9479. Students will need to achieved Grade D or better in Art (Design) AS and have sound academic essay writing skills.