Macleans College Senior Course Guide(CIE)

Social Science

  • Classical Studies
    • Echoes from ancient civilisations of Greece and Rome remain embedded in our modern thinking. The stories and history of the ancients are the foundation stones for our modern age. Their cultural legacy underpins our government, legal systems and the way we think and view our world. Studying Classics develops transferable skills which can be applied to many careers in such sectors as Government and Legal, Education, Research, Management and Business, Arts, Culture, Design and Media.
No courses offered
  • Geography
    • Geography is concerned with the nature and causes of natural and human phenomena in the environment, and implications of these for resource and environmental management. It is an integrative discipline that enables students to establish a comprehensive knowledge of both human and environmental systems. Geography provides a foundation for understanding and becoming involved vocationally in many of the issues facing New Zealand and the world today including environmental and resource conservation, urban problems and development and the implications of atmospheric change. As far as possible our emphasis is on ‘doing’ Geography. A comprehensive field trip programme at all levels consolidates theories learned in the classroom. The wide range of research and presentation skills involved in Geography provides students with a solid foundation for further study and employment in a broad range of vocations.