Macleans College Senior Course Guide(CIE)


  • Accounting
    • Accounting is a subject that provides an understanding of the financial side of business activity. It is an important subject for anyone who is contemplating running their own business. Those who are reasonable at mathematics, who can think logically and want to succeed, should enjoy the challenge of this subject. It provides a solid basis for any future study in the business field. Accounting may lead to careers in chartered accounting firms, government organisations, not-for-profit organisations, banking and financial services, management consultancies, educational institutions, law firms, business and commercial enterprises.
  • Business Studies
    • Business Studies provides an introduction to, and perspective of, business activity, its purpose, function and place within society. The course introduces concepts for students who either want to study business for just one year or as the foundation for future school or tertiary study in the subject.
  • Economics
    • Economics provides a broad understanding of the world we live in from a business point of view. It helps explain the things that every person needs to know about the operation of the economy and the business world as a whole. It provides a good background of understanding that can be used by all students who may consider starting their own business. Economics provides students with skills that are necessary for day to day life and for entry to tertiary courses of study Economics provides a foundation for careers in accounting, business, government and politics, finance and insurance, information technology, law, management, marketing and tourism, public policy, teaching and education.